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Located at the same premises, our associate Electron Beam Engineering Services - EBES manufactures modular electron beam welding machines, weld tooling, motion systems, accessories and integrates laser welding systems. EBES is headed up by engineer Rainer Fehrenbach. Please visit our EB Welding Machine & Equipment Page for more details or contact our sales department for assistance with your next EB machine purchase.

Electron Beam Equipment

The modular architecture of EBES’s Beamer Series addresses various customer requirements. Each machine can be configured with a wide range of standard and customized chamber sizes, power requirements, energy saving features, rapid cycling, and more. Common to the Beamer platform are the ultra-stable switched-mode power supplies, reliability, high performance and throughput. The systems are ready for process monitoring, be it for preventive maintenance, to trace parts or to view repeatability. The Beamer can be ordered with either a 3 kilowatt or 5 kilowatt power supply depending on your weld penetration requirements.

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