Frequently asked questions

Why are the lessons only available online or through the phone?

The lessons are strictly online or through the phone because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which doesn't allow in-person lessons.

Do you have anyone who could refer you?

Yes! My French teacher of 4 years is my reference! If you would like to contact her, please contact me first (at my email address listed in the section CONTACT), and I will gladly give you her own email to get the reference.

How does the payment work?

The payment will be done via e-transfer, prior to the lesson.

Why is the website in English if you offer French tutoring services?

The website is in English in order to easily communicate with English speaking parents.

Je ne peux pas parler l'anglais, comment puis-je recevoir l'information concernant vos services de tutorat?

Bonjour! Veuillez me pardonner pour le site uniquement en anglais, je vis dans une région où le français est la langue minoritaire, et il me fallait une façon facile de communiquer avec les parents anglophones. Si vous avez des questions par rapport au tutorat en ligne que j'offre, vous pouvez m'envoyer un courriel à mon adresse listée dans la section CONTACT.

What will you teach my child?

What I will teach your child (always in the French department) will depend on your child's age and curriculum from their school. I also take requests for if you would like me to teach your child something specific that is French related. For example, if your child's teacher has expressed concern towards a specific part of the French language, like grammar or reading, we could work more specifically on that.




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TEL: 02-3281-5517,5516    FAX: 02-3281-5519