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Power Wave 시리즈

Power Wave 시리즈

The Power Wave S350 and S500 are part of a new modular concept from Lincoln Electric; designed to offer a multitude of different set-up configurations, these machines can be tailored easily yet precisely to your welding application. The new platforms all communicate via Arclink allowing seamless connection with all of Lincoln’s digital Feeders from the PF4X to PF84. All Power Waves® come complete with an Ethernet connection. You can get access to the machine by using this connection and our free software. Updates are free of charge; our website contains the latest version of software including weld modes.


  • 기술사양

    • Superb arc welding characteristics in Pulse, Pulse on-Pulse®, CV, Stick and TIG DC.
    • A variety of materials are supported; Steel, Stainless, Aluminium but also High Nickel and CuSi.
    • RapidArc®, & Rapid X™ for a higher travel speed and less Heat Input with Steel and Stainless.
    • PowerMode® reduces spatter and improves appearance even of low voltage applications on steel & stainless steel, also beneficial for high deposition on aluminium.
    • S2F for premium Aluminium welding.
    • Clearing Pulse providing a clean wire tip without a ball, ready to restart.
    • STT module is available transforming the machine into a STT/Pulse welding machine.
    • Water Cooled when combined with the COOL ARC® 50  water cooler.


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